leather goods
Ua lehulehu a manomano ka ‘ikena a ka Hawai‘i
Great and numerous is the knowledge of the Hawaiians
‘Ōlelo No‘eau - 2814

Native Hawaiian arts have been in decline since the middle of the 1800’s and due to a small group of practiononers many have been revived since the Hawaiian renaissance in the 1970’s. One indigenous Hawaiian artform which had been almost completely lost was feather cape making. Luckily, Rick San Nicolas has taken the knowledge passed to him through a line of kumu hulu which dates back to the the time of Kamehameha and developed a workshop to share his skills. This series of workshops aims to teach and perpetuate the knowledge and skills of feather cape making to those select Hawaiian cultural practitioners who have the appropriate traditional purpose, need, personal commitment and desire to learn, make and possess such a treasure and sacred piece. We hope this program leads to the revitalization of this valuable Native Hawaiian art.