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O ke kahua mamua, mahope ke kūkule
Learn all you can then practice
‘Ōlelo No‘eau - 2459

This program was designed to educate and stregthen at-risk middle/high school students through various mentorships to increase self-esteem and confidence while instilling skills learned through experiences. The safehouse provides these students and their families a place to live while cultivating a joy of learning and encouraging self sufficiency. There are five core Hawaiian values: Aloha, Lōkahi, Mālama, Pono, and Po‘okela, which are central to this program and are not only instilled upon the staff but with the Ke Kama Pono (KKP) residents as well. The residents learn and practice the values through the different mentoring projects throughout their stay in the program. It is our hope that the KKP residents gain an understanding of each Hawaiian value, be able to demonstrate it with each other and with their family.