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E lawe i ke a‘o a mālama, a e ‘oi mau ka na‘auao
He who takes his teachings and applies them increases his knowledge
‘Ōlelo No‘eau - 328

Kinai ‘Eha translated from Hawaiian means “To Extinguish Pain.” Kinai ‘Eha aims to provide an alternative education option to ‘ōpio (youth) that are in need of and seeking purpose, personal empowerment, education, Hawaiian cultural identity and connection, workforce training in construction and the trades, community service and leadership.


Kinai ‘Eha intends to disrupt the Pathway to Prison that begins with ʻōpio that have dropped out of high school and who have been unsuccessful in the traditional public school system. Kinai ʻEha is committed to addressing the toughest issues facing our ʻōpio through intensive and customized values-based, trauma informed, Hawaiian culture-based and vocational knowledge and skill development.


The staff, schedule, programs, services and partnerships are carefully curated to ensure that the Kinai ʻEha learner outcomes can be achieved and the ʻōpio’s optimal potential and performance can be realized.

ACE Assessment

Acknowledging and being sensitive to the fact that all of the Kinai ʻEha participants come to the program with various levels of trauma, the ʻōpio and their parents/caregivers (if possible) participate in an ACE’s assessment. Each learner also receives a comprehensive assessment to identify strengths, weaknesses and learning differences. The assessments also seek to identify developmental, neurological, or medical problems that might hinder the ability to learn in school, work, and throughout life.


Outcomes: Connection, Direction, Truth, Attitude and Gratitude
Long Term: Values Focused and Purpose Driven Lives (Kinai ʻEha)